Battle of the Day

Vika Levina vs Elyse Knowles

Vika Levina in a bikini
Elyse Knowles in a bikini

Vika Levina

Elyse Knowles


These two know how to get your attention...  But who would you give your all-out attention to?  I mean, if you could only choose one?

Vika Levina is an Estonian fashion model who came to the spotlight after her appearances in Victoria’s Secret lingerie campaign.  She has also graced the covers and editorials of beauty and fashion magazines such as Female Indonesia, Dominical, and Schon.  Read more about her in this Vika Levina article.

Elyse Knowles is an Australian model who is best known for her work in internationally famous luxury brands such as Rolex, Bras & Things, Myer, General Pants, Shieke, and Billabong.  Elyse, by the end of 2014, launched her very own fashion label called ‘Evrryday‘.  Learn more about her in this Elyse Knowles article.