Battle of the Day

Caitlin Rice vs Stephanie Branton

Caitlin Rice
Stephanie Branton Playboy's Miss September 2014

Caitlin Rice

Stephanie Branton


Fitness versus Playboy.  These women rock each of their categories.

Caitlin Rice is an American fitness model and certified personal trainer who is best known for her fitness programs and workouts, which are also shared through her ‘caitlinricefit’ Instagram account.  She has been featured in Sporting News and Total Pro Sports.  Read more about her in this Caitlin Rice article.

Stephanie Branton is a Canadian model who is most famous for being Playboy’s Miss September 2014.  She began as a Coed for Playboy, shooting several pictorials and videos.  She was featured in Playboy’s “Northern Star” series with other Canadian Playboy models and Playmates.  Learn more about her in this Stephanie Branton article.