Battle of the Day

Brittany Furlan vs Vera Brezhneva

Brittany Furlan in a bikini
Vera Brezhneva in a bikini

Brittany Furlan

Vera Brezhneva


Who turns you on the most?  Really, we'd like to know.

Brittany Furlan is an American internet personality, comedian, and actress based in Los Angeles, who was the most followed female video star on Vine until November 2015.  Brittany is also known for her acting work on We Are Your Friends (2015), The Dirt (2018), and Random Tropical Paradise (2017).  Read more about her in this Brittany Furlan article.

Vera Brezhneva is a Ukrainian pop singer, actress, TV presenter, a former member of the VIA Gra pop group who rose to stardom with chart-topping singles like “Love Will Save the World,” “Real Life” and “Good Morning.”  Her acting work includes roles in films like Six Degrees of Celebration and Love in Vegas.  Learn more about her in this Vera Brezhneva article.