Battle of the Day

Aisha Jade vs Jocelyn Chew

Aisha Jade
Jocelyn Chew in lingerie

Aisha Jade

Jocelyn Chew


Now, you could skip this.  But this battle will haunt you for a long time if you do...

Aisha Jade is a New Zealand-born model, reality star, and actress who is famous for her roles in Birthday Sex (2018) and The Glass House.  She competed on Big Brother Australia and posed for Glue Store‘s Winter 2015 collection.  Read more about her in this Aisha Jade article.

Jocelyn Chew is a Canadian model who rose to fame after competing on the first season of the reality competition series The Face.  She is half Icelandic and half Chinese and she has modeled for international brands such as American Eagle, Ralph Lauren, and O’Neill.  Learn more about her in this Jocelyn Chew article.