Battle of the Day

Jessica Lucas vs Emma Rose

Jessica Lucas in lingerie
Emma Rose in a bikini

Jessica Lucas

Emma Rose


And what will you do if you come across these two?  Who would you stare the longest?

Jessica Lucas is a Canadian actress and singer who is probably most famous for roles in television, such as Edgemont, Melrose Place (1992) and Cult, Gotham, and in the films The Covenant (2006), Cloverfield (2008), and 2013’s Evil Dead (2013).  She also starred in the music video for Coldplay’s 2014 single “True Love”.  Read more about her in this Jessica Lucas article.

Emma Rose is a model and a health, lifestyle, fitness, beauty, and fashion blogger based in Sydney, Australia.  She is perhaps best known for being a contestant in the first season of the reality series ‘The Bachelor Australia’.  Emma has also served as a fitness ambassador for brands such as Women’s Best and Mass Nutrition Australia.  Learn more about her in this Emma Rose article.