Battle of the Day

Jazmine Garcia vs Ivana Santacruz

Jazmine Garcia in a bikini
Ivana Santacruz in a bikini

Jazmine Garcia

Ivana Santacruz


Both just love fitness and you will love both of 'em.  But if you could only choose one, who would it be?

Jazmine Garcia is an American fitness model, vlogger, actress, and social media who became a GymShark and EHPlabs sponsored athlete (up until 2017, before she left both brands).  She also has a self-titled YouTube channel where she posts workout tips, beauty, fashion, and diet tricks.  Read more about her in this Jazmine Garcia article.

Ivana Santacruz is a Germany-based, Mexican singer and Instagram star whose dance, fitness, and fashion-related posts have earned her quite a massive following.  This famous social media influencer recently launched her own dance and fitness program titled ‘Sweat & Dance’.  Learn more about her in this Ivana Santacruz article.