Battle of the Day

Carly Lauren vs Raine Michaels

Carly Lauren in lingerie - ass
Raine Michaels in a bikini

Carly Lauren

Raine Michaels


Oh, yes.  This battle will have you looking at their galleries for some time.

Carly Lauren is an American model known for being Playboy's Miss October for 2013.  She appeared in a national commercial for Carl's Jr. in 2015 and has also been on the show Rules of Engagement.  Read more about her in this Carly Lauren article.

Raine Michaels is an American musician, model, and actress.  She is renowned for her role as The Last Sharknado: It's About Time (2018), Bret Michaels' Making (2002), and The Apprentice (2004).  Know more about her in this Raine Michaels article.