Battle of the Day

Jenna Pietersen vs Robin Gallant

Jenna Pietersen in a bikini
Robin Gallant in a bikini

Jenna Pietersen

Robin Gallant


Swimsuit and lingerie model versus a fitness star.  Both rocks a super physique...  But who would you choose?

Jenna Pietersen is a South African swimsuit and lingerie model who has appeared in multiple swimsuit issues of the South African edition of Sports Illustrated magazine.  She has also found a following as the editor of the popular travel and fashion blog Follow the Swallow.  Read more about her in this Jenna Pietersen article.

Robin Gallant is a Canadian YouTuber who is best-known for uploading fitness tips and tutorials, travel vlogs, diet plans, beauty hacks, and workout plan videos in her channel, Robin Gallant.  She is also a bikini competitor and IPF powerlifter.  Learn more about her in this Robin Gallant article.