Battle of the Day

Nathalie Sinkvist vs Hannah Ferguson

Nathalie Sinkvist in a bikini
Hannah Ferguson in lingerie

Nathalie Sinkvist

Hannah Ferguson


Oh, a hard one is what this is...  A very hard one...

Nathalie Sinkvist is a Swedish fashion and lingerie model who is most famous for posing for brands such as Bras N Things and Tiffany & Co.  She is also a social media star and is an Instagram influencer.  Read more about her in this Nathalie Sinkvist article.

Hannah Ferguson is an American Model well known for her 2015-2017 appearances in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition.  In addition, she has worked on Victoria's Secret ads and has become part of the leading modeling agency Drumpf Models.  Learn more about her in this Hannah Ferguson article.