Battle of the Day

Zita Vass vs Alex Morgan

Zita Vass
Alex Morgan - Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition 2019

Zita Vass

Alex Morgan


And who is the hotter one amongst the two?  We'll leave it to you...

Zita Vass is an American model, actress, and producer who is most famous for Californication (2007) and Children of the Corn (2009).  She is also notable for guest-starring in CBS’ Two and a Half Men and Nickelodeon’s Big Time Rush.  Read more about her in this Zita Vass article.

Alex Morgan is an American soccer player who has achieved several feats including the Olympics Gold Medal in 2012 and the FIFA Women’s World Cup with her team in 2015.  Alex was also featured in magazines like ESPN The Magazine, Vogue, Health, and Fortune.  Learn more about her in this Hannah Ferguson article.