Battle of the Day

Belén Rodríguez vs María Eugenia Suárez

Belén Rodríguez in lingerie
María Eugenia Suárez in lingerie

Belén Rodríguez

María Eugenia Suárez


Oh, yes...  Time to practice your choosing skills.

Belen Rodriguez is an Argentine-Italian model, fashion designer, host, television presenter, actress, singer, and businesswoman.  She earned recognition after modeling for a number of international brands and featuring on the covers of prestigious magazines.  Read more about her in this Belen Rodriguez article.

Maria Eugenia Suarez is an Argentine actress, model, and singer.  She got worldwide fame as an actress for her role as Jaz Romero on the TV series Casi Ángeles.  She also gained popularity during her time in the pop group Teen Angels.  Learn more about her in this Maria Eugenia Suarez article.