Battle of the Day

Laura Lacole vs Mónica Alvarez

Laura Lacole in a bikini
Mónica Alvarez - ass

Laura Lacole

Mónica Alvarez


Oh, dear...  After this, you will totally feel hard.

Laura Lacole is an Irish model and public speaker.  She was born on September 12, 1989, in Belfast, Northern Ireland.  Her first modeling job was for a racing championship, during which she was published in motorsport magazines.  In 2009, Laura was deemed the title of “Northern Ireland’s only Glamour Model” by the press.  Read more about her in this Laura Lacole article.

Monica Alvarez is an American model who has appeared in a number of print campaigns as well as magazine spreads.  She has modeled and has collaborated with Van Styles on The Hundreds Test Shot and a known line of PacSun Shirts.  Monica has also appeared in a Visual Apparel blog shoot along with fellow fitness model Michele Maturo.  Learn more about her in this Monica Alvarez article.