Battle of the Day

Crystal Westbrooks vs Georgia Fowler

Crystal Westbrooks in lingerie - ass
Georgia Fowler in a bikini - ass

Crystal Westbrooks

Georgia Fowler


And this battle will make you forget what errand it is you're running later.

Crystal Westbrooks is a famous American internet celebrity, model, and actress.  She gained prominence after appearing in the TV series ‘The Westbrooks,’ which also featured her sisters.  She then went on to become a famous social media star by posting her stunning pictures on Instagram and Tumblr.  Read more about her in this Crystal Westbrooks article.

Georgia Fowler is a Victoria’s Secret model from New Zealand who is also famous for walking the runway for Chanel and being featured in magazines such as Harper’s Bazaar Australia and Vogue Girl Korea.  She has worked with brands such as Banana Republic and H&M.  Learn more about her in this Georgia Fowler article.