Battle of the Day

Haley Cureton vs Val Mercado

Haley Cureton in a bikini
Val Mercado - ass

Haley Cureton

Val Mercado


Oh, don't you just want to stare at them all day?  But you got to choose, man.

Haley Cureton is an aspiring American model, reality star, and rising social media influencer.  She got international recognition after appearing in the reality show on Netflix called Too Hot to Handle.  Read more about her in this Haley Cureton article.

Val Mercado is an American model, journalist, blogger, and actress.  In addition to her career as a model, Val Mercado is also a social media sensation.  The amazing model also has a YouTube channel where she uploads videos about make-up and beauty tips. Learn more about her in this Val Mercado article.