Battle of the Day

Anna Zak vs Elizabeth Zaks

Anna Zak
Elizabeth Zaks in a bikini

Anna Zak

Elizabeth Zaks


And both will be your newest crush.  But we got to know who you like better.

Anna Zak is a Russian social media influencer, singer, and model who posts a range of content including different fashion looks, stylistic photos, and updates on her career.  She was featured in the 2018 Richard Orlinski song “Gravity,” which also features rapper Fat Joe.  Read more about her in this Anna Zak article.

Elizabeth Zaks is a Russian-American fitness model who is most famous for her Instagram page where she posts workout photos, workout videos, and of course…  her bikini modeling.  She has also maintained her own self-titled YouTube channel, where she has frequently posted fitness vlogs and workout tutorials.  Learn more about her in this Elizabeth Zaks article.