Battle of the Day

Claudia Tihan vs Julianne Hough

Claudia Tihan in a bikini
Julianne Hough

Claudia Tihan

Julianne Hough


Oh, these babes will give you a smile.  And yes, your day will be brighter now.

Claudia Tihan is a Playboy model and Instagram star from France.  She has gained enormous popularity in the short time she has been active on various social media platforms, particularly in her native Canada.  Read more about her in this Claudia Tihan article.

Julianne Hough is an American dancer, actress, singer-songwriter, and celebrity judge.  She is best known for playing the lead role in the 2011 film ‘Footloose.’  Learn more about her in this Julianne Hough article.