Battle of the Day

Anita Herbert vs Avril Mathie

Anita Herbert in a bikini
Avril Mathie in a bikini

Anita Herbert

Avril Mathie


'Fit and Fab', ladies and gents, is our battle for today!

Anita Herbert is a Hungarian fitness model, bikini competitor, and bodybuilder who went viral on social media.  With over 2.8 million followers and counting, she is best known on Instagram for her healthy lifestyle and toned physique.  In 2015, she won first place and overall in five different NPC contests.  Read more about her in this Anita Herbert article.

Avril Mathie is an Australian boxer, fitness expert, and model who was crowned Miss Swimsuit USA International in 2014.  She has also fought in amateur boxing tournaments throughout the United States, including the Golden Gloves and Ringside Boxing World Champions.  Learn more about her in this Avril Mathie article.