Battle of the Day

Silvy Araujo vs Alejandra Gil

Silvy Araujo
Alejandra Gil - ass

Silvy Araujo

Alejandra Gil


Two Colombian hotties are pitted against each other.  The winner (or the hotter one) will be entirely up to you.

Silvy Araujo is a Miami-based Colombian fitness model and YouTube star who posts fitness and beauty videos to her self-titled channel.  She is currently working with the famous Coach Buena on her diet and posting their regimen on Instagram.  Read more about this babe in this Silvy Araujo article.

Alejandra Gil is a Colombian fitness model, CrossFit athlete, and internet personality.  She rose to fame by posting exercise videos, guides, and selfies of her curvy glutes to her Instagram account.  She has appearances in videos for World Star Hip Hop.  Learn more about her in this Alejandra Gil article.