Battle of the Day

Lydia Hearst vs Damaris Lopez

Lydia Hearst
Damaris Lopez in lingerie

Lydia Hearst

Damaris Lopez


Oh, yes. From two planes of hotness, ladies and gentlemen.

Lydia Hearst is an American supermodel and actress who is the great-granddaughter of publishing magnate William Randolph Hearst (Yup, she is the heiress to the Hearst publishing fortune).  She splits her time between Los Angeles and New York City, where she works full-time in film and fashion.  Read more about her in this Lydia Hearst article.

Damaris Lopez is a Dominican-American model and video vixen from Drake‘s ‘Hotline Bling’, 2 Chainz’ ‘I’m Different’, Rick Ross’ ‘Gallardo’, and many other music videos.  She has been a part of numerous editorial, runway, and promotional campaigns as well.  Learn more about her in this Damaris Lopez article.