Battle of the Day

Ivana Santacruz vs Tessa Brooks

Ivana Santacruz
Tessa Brooks in a bikini

Ivana Santacruz

Tessa Brooks


This is one hard battle, we tell you.  And it would take a good amount of your time before you choose.

Ivana Santacruz is a Germany-based, Mexican singer and Instagram star whose dance, fitness, and fashion-related posts have earned her quite a massive following.  She signed a sponsorship deal with the international sports brand, PUMA, and often showcases their products on her feed.  Ivana also has her clothing merchandise available for sale via the NA-KD online fashion store.  Read more about her in this Ivana Santacruz article.

Tessa Brooks is a dancer from the United States who is best known as a member of the Imam BEAST dance crew.  One of her most notable accomplishments as a dancer was performing as part of the Michael Jackson Tribute shows at the prestigious Carnation Theatre.  She is skilled in a variety of dance styles, including breakdance, jazz, contemporary, tap, hip-hop ballet, and others.  Learn more about her in this Tessa Brooks article.