Battle of the Day

Emma Rose vs Racquel Natasha

Emma Rose in a bikini
Racquel Natasha in a bikini

Emma Rose

Racquel Natasha


This one should be titled 'Battle of the bloggers', dear readers, as...
Yup, these two are the hottest bloggers in the whole, wide world of hotness.

Emma Rose is a Sydney-based health, lifestyle, fitness, beauty, and fashion blogger.  She is known as one of Australia’s most glamorous social media influencers.  Oh, and she's also famous for being a contestant in the first season of the reality series ‘The Bachelor Australia’.  Check her out here.

Racquel Natasha runs a self-titled blog that covers lifestyle topics such as beauty, travel, and of course, fashion.  She is a ' retired' commercial model and she has been in an ad campaign with Jessi Malay.  You can read more about her here.