Battle of the Day

Draya Michele vs Jena Frumès

Draya Michele
Jena Frumès in lingerie

Draya Michele

Jena Frumès


Two very hot reality babes.  Yup, their hotness would sure put the Kardashians to shame.  Oh, and these two are quite connected.  You see, one is the manager of the other.  Draya and Jena also had a beef back then (because of managerial duties)...  But that's not why we've pitted them against each other.  It's who's hotter that matters to us.

Draya Michele is a social media personality/influencer, occasional actress, and businesswoman.  She is also a prominent figure in the fashion industry as a designer and founder of the clothing line, “Beige & Coco”.  Draya here is also the owner of the fashion line “Mint Swim”, and “Fine as Girls”.  Get to know her more here: Draya Michele Will Rock Your Saturday.

Jena Frumes is also a social media personality/influencer, she is also an Instagram Star and she endorses a wide range of cosmetic and sports goods specializing in beachwear.  She is also a calendar girl on ANS Wolfpack.  Jena is also an actress, appearing in 2016’s sports drama Mango & Guava.  Read more about her here:Insanely Hot Jena Frumes.