Battle of the Day

Luna Sobrino vs Christy May

Luna Sobrino in a bikini
Christy May in a bikini

Luna Sobrino

Christy May


Damn!  These bodies really could kill.  And not just through accidents (as they can get all your attention), but also through heart attacks...  You know, from the too many gasps from being awed.  Okay, I know they're both bangin' but if you could run away with one, who would you choose?

Luna Sobrino is a Spanish model who earned an international modeling career because of her popular Instagram account.  She is now with UNO models in (Barcelona, Madrid) and IMG Models (Paris, France).  Read more about her here:Luna Sobrino.

Christy May is also an Instagram model and is a designer and owner of the swimwear brand Forever Sunkissed Bikinis.  She also runs (and is the author) a fashion, fitness and travel blog called ChristywithaK.  Know more about her here: Christy May.