Battle of the Day

Krislian Rodriguez vs Natalie Martinez

Krislian Rodriguez in a bikini
Natalie Martinez in lingerie - ass

Krislian Rodriguez

Natalie Martinez


Two Latina hotties will battle it out today.  One is of Mexican ancestry and the other, of Cuban.  Both are jaw-dropping but we'd like to find out if who, between the two, made your jaw drop the hardest...

Krislian Rodriguez is a fashion model who shot to fame after she appeared as a contestant on the 23rd season of America’s Next Top Model.  She’s the first Mexican-American to appear after 13 years and since then, she's has worked with countless brands and has been the leading lady in music videos.  Read more about her here:Krislian Rodriguez.

Natalie Martinez is a model and actress who came to prominence when she became the face and spokesmodel of JLO by Jennifer Lopez.  She has also appeared in numerous TV series (CI: NY), movies (Death Race), and music videos (Justin Timberlake).  She has also been featured on the pages of Maxim and Esquire. Know more about her here:Natalie Martinez.