Battle of the Day

Vivian Kindle vs Carol Seleme Daniel

Vivian Kindle
Carol Seleme Daniel in lingerie

Vivian Kindle

Carol Seleme Daniel


Sex appeals are flowing - nay - rushing here.  Yup, like it's a flash flood. I mean, just look at those two hot women above.

Vivian Kindle is a glamour model and reality star who is best known for her appearances on MTV’s Wild ‘N Out.  She was also a news reporter for G4 and has appeared in Nick Cannon’s directorial debut film, School Dance (2014).  Read more about her here.

Carol Seleme Daniel is a Brazilian model who has starred in a variety of music videos including those for Tyga, Pitbull, Rick Ross, R. Kelly, Big Sean, and more.  She has also been featured in magazines such as Smooth, Lowrider, and Mixed.  Know more about her here.