Battle of the Day

Vero Jack vs Sofia Tsakiridou

Vero Jack in a bikini
Sofia Tsakiridou in a bikini

Vero Jack

Sofia Tsakiridou


These women will make you go "wow" and then drool.  They're, obviously, God's gift to men.  Now, let's say (just for the sake of conversation) you died...  And you're in heaven (how? we don't know) and you can spend an awfully long time in a bright white (but sexy) room with one of these women...  Who would you choose?

Vero Jack is a German fashion model and designer who is best known for posing in big budgeted ad campaigns.  She is also notable for being featured in countless publications (editorial and cover).  Read more about Vero Jack in this Vero Jack in this article.

Sofia Tsakiridou is a German model who has posed for brands like SugarShape and appeared on the cover of Superior Digital.  She also runs a blog, Matiamu, where she posts about travel, style, and healthy eating.  Read more about Sofia Tsakiridou in this entry.