Battle of the Day

Valeria Orsini vs Whitney Johns

Valeria Orsini
Whitney Johns in a bikini

Valeria Orsini

Whitney Johns


Battle of badass bodies!  Now, these fitness goddesses will out-hot each other today.  Now, who, between the two, would you like to spend a day with...  in a gym...  alone.

Valeria Orsini is an American internationally published swimsuit, lingerie, glamour, and fitness model who endorses a number of brands and has also graced several magazine covers.  She is also an actress and she did bit roles for Badass! (2010) and La Pageant Diva (2011).  Read more about Valeria Orsini here: About Valeria Orsini.

Whitney Johns is an American model and published fitness trainer who is most famous for her Instagram account.  She was a longtime fitness and nutrition advocate and bodybuilder (who has endorsed a good number of brands) before transitioning to training and modeling.  Read more about Whitney Johns here: About Whitney Johns.