Battle of the Day

Mikayla Carr vs Lais Oliveira

Mikayla Carr in a bikini - ass
Lais Oliveira - ass

Mikayla Carr

Lais Oliveira


Two fashion models who are as beautiful as the summer sky will go up against each other.  Who would you want to see in a very private and very intimate fashion show?

Mikayla Carr is an American fashion, editorial, runway, swimsuit, and lingerie model who is perhaps most famous for being a semi-finalist on the 2014 season of America’s Next Top Model.  Read more about Mikayla Carr in this article.

Lais Oliveira is a Brazilian fashion model who became famous after walking in the coveted Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in 2016.  She has also graced the covers of countless magazines.  Read more about Lais Oliveira in this entry.