Beauty, Brains, And Talent: Cathryn Lee Has Just Got It All

Just when you don’t need another reminder that life is unfair, the beautiful Cathryn Lee (Cathryn Li) comes along.  Unfair because she’s got everything.  Yup, beauty, talent, brains, wealth…  Everything! She’s got it all.  Except maybe an out of shape writer like me by her side.  But yeah, other than that, her entire package (I’m […]

Miki Hamano Is So Fine… She’s So Fine She Blows Our Minds, Hey Miki!

Miki Hamano is just celestial.  Her exotic beauty surpasses that of mortal women.  At least that’s what I think.  I mean, come on…  She looks like an oriental goddess, don’t you think? Her face, man…  It’s something you don’t see every day.  Even in Japan.  Oh, and it’s something that you would stare at for […]