Anna Louise Might Be New To You But She’ll Soon Be On Every Ad Campaign

Next door neighbor-y goodness!  Anna Louise‘s head-turning hotness just landed her a spot here in HR.  And yeah, we’re proud to feature her though she doesn’t have that much information available.  Yup, ladies and gents…  this uber hot babe is as mysterious as… as…  She’s a mystery.  A hot one. She looks like a top-end […]

Valeria Orsini: Badass Babe With A Badass Body – 38 Pictures

What a body!  Man, it’s totally unbelievable! It’s like she’s a Dark Horse, Marvel, DC, Image character.  You know, those female bodies that are arched in an impossible way. Big breasts, narrow waist, nice plump buttocks and hips…  Yup, Valeria Orsini is exactly like that.  The only thing that is missing is a skimpy, colorful costume.  […]