Hottest Natalie Portman Photos

Natalie Portman

With her brown eyes, perfect figure and angelically beautiful face; it’s easy to fall for Natalie Portman.  Born in Jerusalem to an Israeli father and an American mother, she’s one of the hottest female Hollywood celebrities.  She received worldwide fame as Queen Amidala in the highly anticipated Star Wars prequel.  Check out some of Natalie’s sexiest […]

Some of Jessica Alba’s Sexiest Photos

Jessica Alba is considered as one of the sexiest Hollywood celebrities ever.  The number of 9.75+ pictures Jessica Alba has on this site just goes to show how hot this actress is.  Most actresses don’t rank anywhere near.  On our top 100 girls list, she is currently number 3.  With her seriously toned figure and angelic […]

Gal Gadot will be joined by another supermodel in Wonder Woman 2017 – 29 Pictures

Wonder woman 2017

Last April, there were rumors that another Supermodel will cast for Wonder Woman 2017.  Finally, a photo posted by Gal Gadot confirmed Doutzen Kroes will be playing an Amazon warrior role.  This photo was taken in Italy where the team was shooting the movie. While we wait for actual “behind-the-scenes” shoots and trailer, we can’t help but imagine […]