Candice Boucher: Big On Beauty, Huge Heart

Whoa!!!  Just perfectly perfect!  Candice Boucher has got everything we look for.  Watch her video at the end, and you’ll definitely agree.  She’s got an exotic look, her body is amazing, and she’s very talented.  She’s someone we’d want to get stranded on an island with.  Just imagine building a hut with her (and she’s […]

Get To Know Canadian Model Lexi Wood: 20+ Pictures

Instagram exists for a reason.  One of which is to get to know models from all over the world.  That’s where we found blue-eyed model Lexi Wood.  This gorgeous Canadian brunette is nothing but a beautiful sight to see.  Her Instagram feed screams hotness and happiness. Lexi Wood’s Life Before Modelling This 19-year old model was […]

Elsie Hewitt “EATS” Series Will Make You Crave For More

Elsie Hewitt has just turned 21 this year!  While some 21-year-old girls are spending their special day legally drinking for the first time, the brown-eyed chic celebrated her birthday by appearing on the special birthday edition of “EATS” series by Chris Applebaum. In a couple extremely hot videos, Elsie was seen wearing a pink see-through […]