Our Sinful Sunday Babe For This Week Is Megan Samperi

Megan Samperi was created to make us all so horny.  And no, we’re not exaggerating.  Just look at her…  Her large expressive eyes, small lips that you’d never get tired of kissing…  Oh, she’s just beautiful. Angelic, actually.  She looks like a most sought-after cover girl, don’t you think?  Oh, and doesn’t she remind you […]

Our Timeless Tuesday Feature, Tania Marie, Will Surely Make You Thirsty

This timeless babe will remind you of the good ole jerkoff with socks days.  Yup, before you had your own car, the sock (left or right) was also your best friend…  Next to your hand (left or right), of course.  But kidding aside, Tiana Marie‘s hotness is something one would treasure.  And by that I […]

Josie Canseco Conquers: From Reality TV To Playboy

Josie Canseco.  The beach bodied babe you’d always want to be around.  Yup, because aside from looking extremely hot, she looks like she’s always on for something fun.  Yes, everybody, she looks like the adventurous hottie we’ve always dreamed about.  One who never backs out from a dare…  Oh, and one who always looks so […]