Like Fine Wine: These Aging Celebrities Are Still In Their Prime

I’m not saying that we love MILFs but yeah…  We do love them.  And now we’re going to feature Hollywood celebrities that are beyond their 40s.  Yup, midlife hotties that you won’t believe are hotter than the ones you see on Instagram.  And folks, these used to be your crushes and the subjects of your fantasies.  After this article, they would once again dominate that naughty, naughty imagination of yours.

So here, in no particular order of hotness and their latest revealing photo from their Instagram…

Penelope Cruz

At 48, Penelope Cruz‘s workout routine is tougher than the rest of us 20 to 30 something.  Yup, she does 90 minutes of Bikram yoga a few times a week and that is besides working out with a personal trainer.  Her exercises are geared toward strength aerobics.

Her diet also relies on her self-control.  Yup, food that makes her feel good, according to her. Normally she eats plenty of lean proteins, greens and nuts, and whole grains.  She is also a fan of avocados, friends.

Halle Berry

Monster’s Ball proved to us how perfect her rack is.  Oh, and how her body could make one commit things that are unimaginable.  That was 20 years ago.  Would you believe that today, at 56, she still possesses that same level of hotness.  Yup, thanks to MMA training and kettlebells…  this once Catwoman is someone you don’t want to mess around with.

As for her diet, Storm err Halle Berry says she was always been diabetic and has not embraced the keto diet.

Sofia Vergara

This 50-year-old, Modern Family superstar works out with multiple trainers to maintain that super sexy physique of hers.  One of those focuses only on her glutes and closely monitors her squats etc.  Sofia works out at least a couple of hours a day, five days a week.  And yes, it is not for the week but she rewards herself and the whole world by constantly flaunting her fitness achievements all the time.

Sofia Vergara here is also a sweet tooth and enjoys them during her cheat day (weekends).

Eva Longoria

Okay, admit it.  Desperate Housewives was tolerable because of this woman.  Eva Longoria, now 47, looks like she was bitten by Lestat.  How she manages to maintain that sultry figure of hers?  Well, according to her, she would go for a run in the morning and then eat a healthy breakfast.  Yup, she focuses on cardio while also doing a little bit of weights on the side.

Eva’s diet also plays a big role in her physique.  You see, she loves vegetables, and whatever sinful delicacy she wants to eat, she eats in moderation.  Yup, her will is stronger than her urges.  But sometimes though, once every three months, her stomach wins, she said.

Jennifer Love Hewitt

What she did last summer is none of our business but at 43, we can’t help but wonder what she’s been doing the last decade.  Man, this Ghostwisperer is still hot.  Okay, maybe she gained a few but heck, we all love a little love handle.  And yes, from lithe to curvaceous is what Jennifer Love Hewitt is.

Jennifer Love Hewitt here works out a lot and enjoys it so much that she thinks of it as a hobby.  Yup, if only we could be like that, huh?  She works out every single day and practices control when it comes to noms.  Jennifer’s meals are low-carb, and high protein and she only consumes 1.5k calories a day.  She also opts to snack on fruits as it is nutritious but is low on calories.  What’s even harder is she cut out alcohol and dairy completely from her diet.

Jessica Alba

Oh, we just features this timeless beauty a while ago.  At 41, she still has it.  How, by making diet a priority.  Yup, she sticks to a diet that is low in carbs and high in protein.  Oh, and she is also a big fan of veggies.  But sometimes though, she gives in to cravings and that is proof that she’s human and not a full goddess.  Yup, she doesn’t deny herself what she wants.  Just not all of the time.

As for her super fit physique (and trimmed waist that we just want to hold), this Flipper star is quite strict with working out.  Every morning, instead of just sleeping in, she takes a good run or does yoga.  Jessica Alba also mixes that with weights and HIIT so as to not make it boring.


At 45, she still has got that hips that talk and doesn’t lie.  Yup, Shakira here is as hot as the first time she enticed us with her belly dance.  And how she maintains that physique is not for the week of heart.  You see, she works out 6 days a week and does an awful lot of HIIT. She also does circuit classes on the sides.

As for her diet, she eats small meals throughout the day and according to her, balance is essential.  She stays away from sugar or dairy most of the time (but of course, she has some cheat days) and prefers fresh greens and protein.

Elizabeth Hurley

At 57, this 90s sex symbol is still a sight to behold. And we only featured her a while ago as a Timeless Tuesday babe.  Man, Elizabeth Hurley is truly timeless and that is thanks to her diet and workout routine.  And though she doesn’t follow a strict exercise plan, she stays active 24/4.  Yup, even her weekends…  She likes to go on long hikes with her dogs during the days when she should just be lounging around.  On weekdays she does Pilates and yoga as well as glutes and core exercises.

As for her diet, this hot woman starts her day with two glasses of water.  She also stays away from processed foods and prefers simple and fresh ones like lean meat and veggies.

Cindy Crawford

She is 56 but because of her pole dancing (she does that religiously), she still has got a physique that is the envy of many.  And yes, aside from pole dancing, she also does strength training and a lot of cardio.

Cindy Crawford also has a strict diet and she doesn’t eat crap.  That means processed food.  Cindy will start her day with a protein shake then a salad for lunch and a hearty dinner.  Man, with the way she works out, she sure needs a heavy dinner.  But hey, she really does burn them all away.

Gabrielle Union

This hot Scary Movie star is a year short of being 50 but she still rocks a beach body that is the envy of those who are in their 20s.  Gabrielle Union here is conscious of her health because according to her, she has a family history of hypertension and diabetes.  And all those pushed her to take the fitness side.

Gabrielle does cardio and weights and is also into Pilates.  Oh, and she also does an exercise that works multiple groups of muscles all at the same time.  This vegan also loves doing her cardio outdoors and she drinks a lot of water to keep herself hydrated and feeling full.  As for her diet.

Reese Witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon is now 46 and though she doesn’t really like exercise, she still looks as fab as when she first hit the court in Legally Blonde.  And though she is not a fan of working out, she still does yoga and cardio six days out of 7.  Her consistency gives her that physique of hers.

Reese is also a fan of a balanced diet.  She works with a nutritionist and doesn’t really restrict any, processed or the like, to her diet.  She begins her day with a smoothie and a midnight snack to cap off her daily calorie intake.

Thandie Newton

She’s 50 and she can still rock action flicks such as Mission Impossible.  Man, this gorgeous actress can put your 20-somethings to question their decisions (fitness to be specific).  And how she does it is pretty basic.  Well, at least to her.  You see, Thandie Newton here is a fan of yoga.  And she can do twists that we can only ever dream of.

As for her diet, Thandie here is vegetarian.

Cameron Diaz

She is 50 and she still has got that body to die for.  Yup, There’s Something About Marry star here possesses a timeless physique thanks to her exercise routine.  Cameron Diaz here works out different muscle groups each day and she works out outdoors most of the time. Apart from her strength training and cardio, she also does a lot of yoga and Pilates.

But a lot, really, is thanks to her diet.  You see, Cameron here used to be addicted to fast food.  But now, she removed everything fried from her diet. She now prefers fresh produce and fish.  Yup, the Mediterranean diet.  She also says that having a balanced and nutrient-rich diet made her feel better and has helped her skin a lot.

Christie Brinkley

Christie Brinkley is now 68 but you’d still choose her over women a third of her age.  Why?  Well, look at her.  This sexy woman is proof that consistency is key and she was been working out since the 1980s.  Oh, and she’s also been a vegetarian since she was 12.

Christie here loves dancing as it is a complete workout.  She also loves long walks on the beach for her cardio and also does yoga.

Kate Hudson

This 2000s sweetheart looks as awesome today as when she starred in Almost Famous.  Yup, because she takes really good care of herself.  Her diet and workout might not be as hard as the rest in here but hey, consistency is also key to this gorgeous lady.

Kate Hudson workout four times a week (three if she’s busy) and most of the time, she indulges in a plant-based diet.  Yup, most of the time as she also enjoys everything that life offers and that includes sinful noms.  She also doesn’t drink like she used to (according to her) and just tries to enjoy everything in the present and believes that also helps in making her look good for her age.  She is 43 by the way.

Donna D’Errico

You won’t even think Donna D’Errico here is 54.  Yup, like she is only in her late 20s.  This Baywatch babe packs hotness that defies time.  Would you believe she was Playboy Playmate of the Month in September 1995?  A lot of you haven’t even entered this world then.

So how does she manage to stay in top shape?  Well, she admits to having gone through a number of cosmetics surgery but that can only do so much.  You see, Donna here eats healthy and she follows a strict workout routine.

Demi Moore

Would you believe that G.I. Jane here is now 60?  Yup, it seems like it was only a few years ago when she had that steamy pot-making scene with the late Patrick Swayze.  Ugh, but would you look at her…  she is toned.  And that is thanks to her extensive training.  Demi Moore exercises for a good three hours targeting her core, arms, and legs.  She also does a size mile run every day!

As for her diet, well, she now follows a raw vegan diet.  Yup, all-natural and uncooked.

Jennifer Lopez

J.Lo is now 53 but she looks as good now as when she was starting out.  And that is all thanks to her workout discipline.  You see, Jennifer Lopez here trains with not one but two trainers.  Yup and they focus entirely on J.Lo’s custom HIIT routine.

Apart from her high-intensity interval training, she also does strength, kickboxing, and core exercises.  As for her diet, she begins her day with just water and drinks a lot throughout the day.  She also stayed away from alcohol and caffeine.  J.Lo is also a fan of clean, natural food.

Denise Richards

And well had a crush on Denise Richards here since Starship Troopers.  And when she did Wild Things…  Man!!!  At 51 she still possesses that level of hotness.  This mom makes sure to always be very active.  She dances and runs a lot and is a fan of Pilates.

Denise here is also 80% vegetarian and stays away from processed food.  Yup, it’s just fruits, eggs, oatmeal, veggies, rice, and chicken breast for her.

Jane Seymour

Jane Seymour is already 71 but remains a head-turner thanks to her workout routine which mixes Pilates, isometric exercises, and low-impact cardio.  Oh, and she doesn’t just love Pilates, she is a master in that discipline.

As for her diet.  Jane is a fan of the “farm to table” diet.  Yup, she loves the produce from her own garden.  She ditched junk food and any form of it.

Salma Hayek

This 56-old-old hot Latina is a big fan of making her own juice from vegetables and fruits which are organic.  Oh, wait, I forgot the introduction.  Sorry okay…  Desperado, 1995, with Antonio Banderas is when she made our members hard for the first time.  The second was she danced with a blonde phyton in From Dusk Till Dawn.

Okay now back to Salma Hayek‘s physique and posture.  Yup, aside from benefiting from a balanced diet, she also works out 7 days a week and does HIIT and cardio for at least 30 minutes each day.

Kate Beckinsale

Action, drama, suspense, you name it.  Oh man, an awful lot of us fell in love with Kate Beckinsale here the first time we saw her.  And now, despite being 49 years of age, she has managed to maintain a physique that envy by many and fantasy to all.  Yup, like a fine wine this woman is.

To maintain that physique of hers, Kate here frequently consumes a lot of protein such as eggs, salmon, and chicken, along with her workout routine.

Garcelle Beauvais

This 56-year-old curvaceous goddess incorporates treadmill exercises and Pilates into her workout routine.  As for her diet, Garcelle Beauvais eats healthy and balanced.  She is proof that one doesn’t need extensive dieting or strenuous workouts to maintain hotness up into your 50s.

LeAnn Rimes

And you can totally fight the moonlight with this 40-year-old’s hotness.  LeAnn Rimes still packs heat like when she sang and danced on top of the bar at the end of Coyote Ugly.  And that is thanks to a healthy and energizing diet.  While she does not exercise every day, she does go to the gym at least twice a week and does a hard workout.  Her obsession with nutrients, however, is what truly gives her a youthful glow.  Yes, she is a ‘whole foods’ devotee.  But, hey, she’s still human, and she occasionally indulges in sinful noms.

Kim Kardashian

No, this list would be incomplete without Kim Kardashian‘s sinfully curvaceous hotness.  Her heavenly body, at 42, is the envy of many.  And by millions, we mean billions.  However, it is not an easy task.  And, yes, her figure requires a lot of attention.  Kim, you see, follows a strict nutrition plan in order to stay toned.  She avoids anything with bad ingredients in favor of nutrient-dense foods like chicken, sweet potatoes, blueberries, and the like.

In terms of her workout routine…  Kim works out with HIIT five or six days a week.

Michelle Keegan

Michelle Keegan is probably the youngest here.  This 35-year-old was naturally skinny when she was younger, but she now has to work hard to achieve the body she desires.  It’s something that anyone can grasp. What you may not understand are the dietary restrictions she imposes on herself. Keegan, for example, has eliminated red meat from her diet.  That appears to be quite extreme for the majority of us. Who can resist a good, juicy steak?

Michelle avoids carb-heavy foods late at night, especially when preparing for a photo shoot.  In terms of exercise, she goes three times per week.  The routine includes at least 20 minutes of HIIT training followed by a weight session.  That’s less exercise than some celebrities do, but when your diet is so strict, you don’t have a lot of calories to burn off!

Carmen Electra

Carmen Electra is 50 and she’s as electrifying as the first time you fantasized about her saving you at the beach.  Yup, this former Baywatch Babe remains the same throughout the years.  Oh, and dancing is still one of her favorite workouts all thanks to her parents enrolling her in classes when she was little.

Carmen drinks a lot of water in order to keep her body bikini-ready.  She drinks two bottles of water before beginning her day (yeah, we said two bottles).  She consumes more water before breakfast than most of us do throughout the day! She then fills up on fish for protein, with fruits and vegetables on the side.  Electra loves sushi, so there’s no cutting rice—got she’s to have some sort of guilty pleasure, right?

Julia Roberts

At 55, Julia Roberts looks like she is just in her early 30s and that is thanks to her extensive exercise routine.  Julia practices yoga and exercises for an hour four times per week.  Even though she dislikes exercise, she enjoys the results and how she feels afterward.  She also includes at least 40 minutes of bodywork in her routine with step aerobics.

As for her diet…  Food, according to Julia, should be enjoyed and balanced.  She enjoys carbohydrates as much as everyone else and consumes them (as long as they are nutritious whole foods).  Mealtimes are a family affair for her as a stay-at-home mom of three children, and she uses this time to teach her children about food.

Taraji P. Henson

Taraji P. Henson packs hotness like no other.  And would you believe she is already 52?  Yup, this Screen Actor’s Guild Awardee is the type of person that won’t give up.  According to her trainer, if you tell Taraji that she can’t do something, she’d try harder and just won’t stop until she does it perfectly.  She is like John Wick, you see…  Focused, committed, and made up of sheer will.  Taraji trains 7 days a week and does weight training and cardio.

Sandra Bullock

Miss Congeniality here is 58 but she is still a total head-turner.  Sandra Bullock works with celebrity fitness guru Simone De La Rue and her workout routine is an alternating set of HIIT and strength training.

As for her diet, Sandra chooses fresh food like lean meat (hormone-free and free-range).  She also avoids sugar and gluten and she practices portion control.  Yup, Sandra chooses to eat all day rather than big meals.

Amber Rose

Amber Rose must always be beach ready.  Apart from dancing (which is her primary workout) she also devotes a significant amount of time to yoga in order to promote weight loss, reduce stress, and increase strength.  Whatever her secret is, she should stick with it because it is clearly working for her!  Surely she’s on some sort of bizarre diet, right?  Wrong!

Amber also makes it a point to exercise portion control.  It’s not the most exotic or extreme diet, but even something as simple as that can have a big impact.  What is her true secret? It’s a waist trainer.  She claims she wears a waist trainer at least six hours a day to maintain her dramatic hourglass bikini body.  She claims it’s cozy!  We don’t know how, but keep rockin’!

Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron is now 47 but we’d totally choose this Old Guard over many Instagram wannabe models.  And yes, her scenes from The Devil’s Advocate will come to mind every time you read about her hotness.  How she stays this gorgeous is all thanks to her discipline.  According to her trainer, Charlize is focused and extremely serious when it comes to working out and achieving goals.  She does a lot of strength training, Pilates, and HIIT.  Yup, plenty of pushups, crunches, and squats are what she does weekly.

In terms of her diet, Charilieze eats healthily and avoids glutenous foods.

Sheryl Crow

Believe it or not, Sheryl Crow is now 60.  But this award-winning singer still looks good. And yup, thanks to her being a fitness freak.  You see, she begins her day with a 10-minute walk outside (yup, as she wants to soaked up Vitamin D). When she gets home she would do planks and plyometric work.

Sheryl’s diet, according to her, is a “pseudo macrobiotic diet”.  She consumes fresh vegetables, lean meat, and whole grains.  Sheryl also eats seafood like tuna for their Omega 3.  She also snacks on fruits like apples, bananas, etc. as long as it won’t be over 150 calories.

Eva Mendes

This classy classic beauty is now a couple of years short of being 50.  She has a simple workout routine that she never misses doing.  Yup, to Eva Mendes here (and most on this list), consistency is key.

Eva loves cardio and is a fan of interval running and sprinting.  As for her diet, she says she tries to eat clean but since she’s a sweet tooth, she can’t help but reward herself with chocolates and a soda once in a while.

Jennifer Aniston

90s trendsetter, Jennifer Aniston, is now 53. And she’s got a body you just go gaga over.  And that is because she lives a very active lifestyle.  Did you know that before her Friends fame, she also worked as a bike messenger in NYC?  And that partly explains her gorgeous legs.  Now, even in her 50s, Jen here works out 7 days a week.  She boxes, strength trainer, and everything for an hour and a half each day.

As for what she eats, she says it’s mostly organic vegetables and fruits and she stays away from sweets.  She also always makes sure to get a good sleep and drink lots of water.

Melanie Griffith

Melanie Griffith is 65 years old, but her appearance belies her age.  When it comes down to it, she doesn’t look a day older than 30.  In 2019, the actress revealed her secrets to staying slim and trim at her age.  Her entire workout routine is revealed in an Instagram workout video.  Bless her for sharing her workouts with us.

Melanie is seen in the video performing a variety of workouts that combine strength training and cardio exercises.  Doing these exercises is critical at her age because it helps her maintain as much muscle mass as possible as we all lose muscle mass as we age.  She is also active outside of the gym, participating in activities such as hiking.  She appears to lead an active life.

Helen Hunt

This Mad About You star is not 59 but she still looks hot.  Now, would you believe that she doesn’t really work out or diet?  Yup, she doesn’t.  So how does she maintain her looks over the years?  Well, according to her, it is all in the lifestyle.  Helen Hunt here, you see, lives a very active one.  Oh, and she also knows how to relax and recharge.

Charlotte Ross

This 54-year-old babe looks like she’s only in her early to mid-30s.  Ah, thanks to her being a fitness fanatic, she has managed to maintain a rockin’ physique.  But even before all the fitness interest, Charlotte Ross here was kind of addicted to cardio.  Now she mixes everything, strength training included, with a little yoga and HIIT.

As for what she puts inside her body, she says she takes a lot of water, green tea, and Omega 3.  She has long since ditched processed foods and is now a vegetarian.

Nicole Kidman

Since the 1990s, Nicole Kidman has been a well-known Hollywood actress.  Far and Away, To Die For, Batman Forever, and Eyes Wide Shut were among her early films.  She won an Academy Award in 2003 for her performance as writer Virginia Woolf in The Hours.  She also had a significant role in the drama film Being the Ricardos as another legend, Lucille Ball.  There is nothing this woman cannot accomplish.

Nicole Kidman previously told the Los Angeles Times that she eats pretty much anything, but that moderation is the key to her success.  In terms of exercise, the actress told Extra that she does sit-ups and enjoys running and swimming.  Every day, she applies an SPF 100 sunscreen to her skin.

Jennifer Garner

Jennifer Garner is now 50, and it’s clear that her health consciousness has paid off.  We believe this woman is immortal because she appears so young.  There is simply no way.  Garner is another famous person who collaborates with Simone De La Rue and Body By Simone.  She does this, as well as strength and cardio training, four to five days a week when she isn’t filming.

While exercise is important, nothing beats a fork.  Garner’s diet is fairly strict, and she takes it seriously.  She works with Kelly LeVeque, a celebrity nutritionist, and despite this, she does not deprive herself of anything.  Garner enjoys baking and cooking, so she consumes her favorite foods in moderation.

Kirsten Dunst

Kristen Dunst has had success in Hollywood blockbusters like Spider-Man and Bring It On as well as in independent films such as Melancholia.  She is now 40 and has had no trouble staying busy or in shape.  It’s also obvious that Kirsten here has excellent time management abilities!

Kirsten avoids the sun as much as possible to keep her skin in good condition.  She moisturizes herself and uses organic beauty products and attends workout classes or plays tennis to stay in shape.  She eats healthy most of the time but also indulges in the occasional sinful snacking.

Gwen Stefani

It’s like only a couple of years ago when they released Tragic Kingdom.  But no, it was back in the mid-90s and Gwen Stefani now is 53.  But how she managed to stay young-looking is no secret.  She told a famous magazine that eating healthy and working out does that to a person.

Gwen here does HIIT, circuit training, and cardio at least 4 times a week.

Gwen’s diet is much less intense, which she can afford because her workout routine is so strenuous.  She primarily follows a vegan diet, though she does engage in carb cycling at times.  She will sometimes avoid pasta, bread, and rice, but she will occasionally indulge to keep her body fit.  Aside from that, Gwen drinks a lot of water, which is a common theme among fit celebrities.  We’re learning that water is the best thing for your body.s per session.

Monica Bellucci

Monica Bellucci, ladies and gents. Yup, the reason why a lot of boys not even in their adolescence began masturbating.  Oh, yes. The timeless film Malena. One you should always have on your SSD.  But really, even at 58, she is still steaming hot.  And this woman doesn’t even go to the gym and just eats what she wants.  Man, she truly won the lottery in the genes department.

Kristin Wiig

It would seem strange that Kristin Wiig, a 49-year-old woman, would be cast as Cheetah in WW84 if she didn’t look the part.  Kristin Wiig has a stunning beach body, which she attributes to her vegetarian diet.  A vegetarian diet is high in fiber, nutrients, and water, so we’re guessing that’s one of the reasons she stays so fit.  Who’d have guessed?

Kristin Wiig does not eat any meat at all.  As a substitute, she eats tofu and soy.  She also consumes a lot of water and cranberry juice.

Courtney Cox

Courtney Cox, who played Monica on Friends and Gale Weathers in the Scream films, has also maintained an incredible level of fitness.  The 58-year-old actress maintains a toned body and firm abs with the help of a personal trainer, according to Cheat Sheet.  Having a personal trainer is beneficial because it can help you target specific areas that may require additional attention.

Strength training is a big part of it, but diet has also played a big role.  Cox has been following a low-carb diet and drinking a lot of coconut water.  Coconut water has lots of nutrients! She also abstains from caffeine. How does she do it?  We don’t know.

Uma Thurman

Would you believe that The Bride here is already 58?  Yup, but we’re pretty sure she could still rock that Enter The Dragon outfit she wore in Kill Bill.  This multi-talented Hollywood celebrity stays fit thanks to a healthy diet that consists of fruits, veggies, milk, and eggs.

Uma Thurman‘s workout routine includes cardio exercises such as jumping jacks as well as pushups, crunches, and squats, to name a few.

Heather Graham

Heather Graham, another popular actress from the 1990s, is now in her fifties (52 to be exact), which is hard to believe.  How she does it is simple…  Yoga. Heather has been doing yoga for over 20 years.  She also enjoys Pilates and dancing and keeping her skin moisturized is essential to her flawless complexion.

She also makes an effort to eat healthier.  She claims she used to be a big sweet and sugar person.  That is how we feel.  Now she says she can’t do it, and it’s all about eating healthy.  Nonetheless, she does not limit herself.  She still eats whatever she wants within reason, with portion control at the forefront of her diet.

Catherine Zeta-Jones

Of course, this list won’t be complete without the new Morticia Addams.  This Mask of Zorro and entrapment star has maintained her fitness and health through a diet and exercise regimen that keeps on giving – or rather, taking years off.  After watching her Chicago performance and dance routines, it’s clear that she puts a lot of effort and muscle control into her workout routines.

Staying hydrated, according to this 53-year-old goddess, is the key to maintaining a youthful glow.  Catherine Zeta-Jones works hard to keep her pH balanced and does not consume alcohol.  She maintains an active lifestyle by swimming, tennis, and tap dancing.  She also has an at-home gym that she uses on a regular basis.

Christy Turlington Burns

Christy Turlington Burns, how do you stay so fit? We’ve been thinking about it for a while.  This 53-year-old has been practicing yoga and working out since she was in her late teens.  Did you know she has run six marathons?  What happens after the marathon?  A good salt soak relieves aches and pains.

In terms of her diet, Christy believes that eating well leads to feeling well.  She believes strongly in moderation.  She also favors vegetarianism, which appears to be popular among many fit celebrities.

Jennifer Connelly

Jennifer Connelly looks like she is only at least 15 years older than her role in The Labyrinth.  And that is thanks to being a pescatarian and living an active lifestyle.  Yup, this 51-year-old runs 2 to 3 times a week and says that she needs cardio to give her a boost of energy.

Gwyneth Paltrow

From her super seductive role in Great Expectations to being Pepper Pots, this 50-year-old babe never runs out of attractiveness.  And that is all thanks to her healthy lifestyle.

Gwyneth Paltrow eats nothing but clean and fresh food.  Lots of veggies and lean proteins and the like.  She avoids, as much as possible, sugar and consumes a lot of water.

Naomi Watts

Can’t believe Naomie Watts is 54 now.  This King Kong beauty captivated hearths in the 90s.  And she still looks as great as when she investigated who Samara/Sadako is.

Naomi claims that drinking plenty of water and getting eight hours of sleep every day are her top anti-aging tips.  She also applies sunscreen before venturing outside.  You’ve got to keep that skin looking great! The sun can be extremely harmful.  She includes a green smoothie and a variety of supplements, including collagen boosters, in her diet on a regular basis.

If you think we’ve left out someone, do put it in the comments section!





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