Blurred Lines Controversy: Emily Ratajkowski Still Hasn’t Heard From Robin Thicke Since Her Accusations

Emily Ratajkowski has said that she hasn’t heard from Robin Thicke since her charges against him were leaked without her permission. An extract from her new book, My Body, in which she claimed she was groped by the musician, was released in early October. Ratajkowski remembered her experience on the set of the music video […]

Folks, Here Are Some Of The Hottest African Women In The World

Yup, we love African women.  They possess hotness like no other.  There’s something about then that is just so sexy (apart from having naturally perky breasts and the celestial butts).  They’re just oozing with natural sexiness.  You know, something you can’t put words to.  Like sensing and smelling pheromones and still doesn’t have an idea […]

Best Asian OnlyFans Models

The heading says it all. The following article is dedicated to all the Asian girls that are kinky enough to spark your fantasy and tickle your deepest desires. It’s no secret that their petite figures have some nice curves and banging attributes that will definitely grab your full attention. Check out some of the best […]