Elegant Sex Toys You Must Try

Let’s start by saying that “this will benefit both sexes.”  Oh, yes, folks.  You see, aside from the saying that  “a happy wife (or girlfriend, really), happy life.”  There are also sex toys for men.  Okay, we’ll get to that later. First, let’s discuss the first.

Though most of you, our dear readers, are men…  We are pretty sure that a good number of you reading this are women and believe it or not guys, there are also straight women here reading this.  Now, we are going to be honest here and state the fact that a lot of times, a partner just can’t give you that damn orgasm you are craving.  In our sister site, BabesRater, we’ve discussed how to pleasure yourselves, ladies.  Oh, and how to introduce sex toys into your love-making (may it be with your partner or just with yourself). Now, we are going to show you, or rather recommend, a few things that you might be interested in…

The Rise and Rise of the Dildo and the likes

Sex toys have lost much of their taboo and for over a decade now, a lot of improvements and innovations have been brought to the sex tech industry. And you know the reason for this soaring popularity?  Studies.  Yup, Science-backed (of course) studies.  Did you know that there are health benefits from sex toys?  Yup, Research Confirms That Sex Toys Are Good For Women’s Sexual And Reproductive Health.

Now, to the good part. You see while researching for a follow-up on our “Introducing Sex Toys” article, we came across an interesting product site.  The name is MaturoMaduro and the product that caught our attention was “vibratori rotanti” (rotating vibrators).  And that name alone could pull your sideburn right away.

Vibratori Rotanti

There are two products that you should have a look at.  First is the California Exotics French Kiss Sweet Talker.

Now, this baby (we’re guessing you know already how this works right) looks like it’s high-end. The material used is obviously of high quality and the texture would send bolts of pleasure to the tip of your woman’s clit. This body-safe silicone massager has 12 sensual settings. And its tongue-like tip, we’re guessing will give you a night’s worth of action. It’s a perfect gift to your woman (if you’re a man) if you are always away on travels. Now, if you’re a woman, you really should treat yourself to this.

Check out the full specs here.

And the next is their top-of-the-line California Exotics Contour Zoie Rosa.

According to their website, this g-spot stimulator can give you an earth-shaking orgasm. This smooth woman’s treasure is made up of premium liquid silicone and is durable and waterproof. It packs 10 “extremely powerful vibration functions and can provide 40 minutes of high-speed stimulation (90 minutes for low-speed vibrations) and its easy-touch 2-button control is idiotproof.

View the complete specs here.

Give it a try.  They got a lot of products on their website that might be of interest to you.  Oh, and don’t keep this a secret or a surprise to your partner (if you got one).  You see, shopping for sex toys together is a great way for you and your part to connect and talk about things you might like.  Believe us, It will be a lot of fun after you get used to looking at different sex toys together.


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