The Secret to Lauren Cohan’s Body

Lauren CohanYou probably recognize her as Maggie from the hit television series The Walking Dead, but actress Lauren Cohan is more than just an ass-kicking zombie killer. Her job requires her to be physically fit and the beautiful actress is sharing her secrets on how she is able to stay in shape and maintain her sexy figure.

Lauren Cohan

In a recent interview with Shape magazine, Cohan explained that her secret to a good body is nothing but good diet and plenty of exercise. According to the actress, her day starts at 4:30 a.m., making sure that she gets her daily dose of exercise even if it’s only for 20-30 minutes.

Lauren Cohan

The 33-year old actress also talked about being a fan of various exercises routines. One day she’ll be hitting the gym but the next day, she could also be seen doing some yoga, dance class and weight lifting. She also stated that she makes sure that she moves all the time (she does sit ups or push ups on the set too!)  in order to keep her in shape on the go.

Lauren Cohan

Although Cohan stresses the importance of eating healthy foods, she also makes sure that she gets tons of dressings for her salads and is not one to be afraid of eating some good old chocolates (or other fast food on her cheat day). She also advised her fans not to be afraid of their body and that learning to love themselves first is the most important thing in the world besides taking care of it through healthy diet and exercise.

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