10 Most Gorgeous Pictures of Elizabeth Sawatzky

Elizabeth Sawatzky’s Instagram account is full of gorgeous pictures of herself.  She has 141k followers on her account and is currently signed with FORD models.  While we like looking at those artsy Instagram-worthy photos, nothing beats a gorgeous selfie to make our day.

This California girl definitely knows her angles.

Elizabeth Sawatzky
Even without revealing too much of her skin, we still know she’s sizzling hot.
Elizabeth Sawaztky
We wouldn’t mind having a biking buddy as sexy as her.
Elizabeth Sawatzky
Elizabeth says she feels sexy the most after taking a shower but this morning naked selfie proves otherwise.
Elizabeth Sawatzky
She doesn’t have overly huge boobs but she doesn’t care.  She’s wearing a revealing top anyway.
Elizabeth Swatzky
Slim and Sexy!
Elizabeth Sawatzky
This could have been better if it’s a long body shot. Don’t you think?
Elizabeth Sawatzky
Behind her perfect pictures is a more perfect butt!
Elizabeth Sawatzky
Smokin’ hot!
Elizabeth Sawatzky
Elizabeth in black and white bikini is both artsy and sexy!
Elizabeth Sawatzky
This tops up the list of her most gorgeous pictures. Do you agree?

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