These VS Models Reveal How They Look Best in Their Instagram Shots

While we may think that Instagram shows us real snippets of our favorite personalities, the truth is: most of it are well-thought poses especially for Victoria’s Secret models, Jasmine Tookes and Martha Hunt.

They may be models and most people think they’re perfect – gorgeous body,  smooth skin, and lovely face!  This may be true but there’s no denying that these models still feel they need to do something to make them look extra special!

Now, they shared their formulas to achieve those perfect Instagram shots.

For Martha Hunt, aside from a touch of make-up, she’s got three tips.

1. Magic Hour

The perfect time to take photos is when the sun sets. She says, “That way, there won’t be shadows on your face.”

2. Take a 3-quarter stance

Taking a perfect OOTD shot may be a little tricky, but this trick does magic especially when wearing bulky or loose outfits. “You can always take a three-quarter stance, which will slim you down,” she shared.

3. Hook your arm

Finding the right angle is a must for models. “You can either hook your arm in your denim… Or, [put it] in your back pocket. That gives you an angle,” she revealed.

Here are a few of her gorgeous Instagram-worthy photos.

Just chilling out with a glass of champagne!
Here’s Martha playing in her bathtub. Keeping it real by showing off her scar.
Looking fierce before the show!

A few of her sexy lingerie shots!


Martha Hunt wearing the iconic pink VS robe!

Jasmine Tookes has a different style. She shared three steps to achieve the perfect selfie.

First, let someone hold the camera. To focus on prepping up her self, Jasmine says, “I have a friend of mine stand in front of me a hold the camera and then they click the button, so you can get a better view of yourself.”

Second, find your best side. “Turn to the side, my left side, I think, is my good side” she shares.

Last, bring the hand furthest away from the camera up to your hair. “If my hair is down, I kind of push it forward. Put my head down and smile,”she said.

Scroll down to see more of her sexy pics!

Here’s Jasmine enjoying her island vacation.


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