Hottest Women for 2018

Another year comes to an end and we have our list of the hottest girls determined by how long they held our number 1 spot.  The time is calculated by adding up all the time that any of that girls pictures were in first place.  So these are the girls that have a lot of super hot pictures and managed to dominate in our battles with multiple pictures.  There’s probably not a lot of one hit wonders on this list… but you will likely find names that Ranker and Maxim have missed.  Ranker and Maxim both have Kate Upton as their number 1 hottest girl for 2018.  Kate scored in our top 3 in 2013 and 2014 but honestly, our research shows that people are kind of over her.  Kate Upton didn’t have a single #1 picture in 2018… not even for a minute.  Kate’s top pictures are now ranking around 9.80.  She just doesn’t measure up to the girls on our list.  She was our #8 last year and has fallen fast.  And then look at Maxim’s other girls in the top list: Gigi Hadid, Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner, Kylie JennerKhloe Kardashian, Hailey Baldwin… It reads more like a list of who we are sick of hearing about than a hottest list.  Ranker and Maxim need to catch up.  Put their girls side by side to our girls and we know ours will win… because we did exactly that, and they did!

  1. Jessica Alba – That’s right, with all the hot babes to pick from, Jessica Alba held our #1 spot for 96 days in 2018.  Even though she is now 37 years, it seems that we aren’t getting tired of checking out her pictures.  Of all the pictures holding our number #1 spot, Jessica held 10 of the top 20.  (and 8 of the top 12).  With so many pictures over 9.85, it’s obvious people out there still love this babe.  She appeared as our #1 hottest picture with 24 different pictures in 2018.
    Jessica Alba
    This picture stayed at #1 for 17 days in 2018
    Jessica Alba
    Jessica on the beach held our top spot for 11.9 days, which was our second longest #1 spot. It was only beaten by her first picture
    Jessica Alba
    This cute and innocent looking picture of Jessica stayed at our number one spot for 8.4 proving you don’t have to be topless to rank #1
    Jessica Alba
    Another reserved picture of Jessica Alba that managed to hold #1 for 8 days
    Jessica Alba
    Even a candid picture of Jessica with her eyes shut won first place for 7.5 days (I’m sure the bikini helps)

    Jessica Alba
    Jessica Alba shows off her pokies and captures number one for a week
  2. Rachel Cook – 23 year old Rachel Cook was barely on our radar last year.  In 2017, she spent only 1/3 of a day in our #1 spot.  She had a big popularity spike in 2018 and captured our #1 spot for 39 days.  22 different pictures of hers appeared in our #1 spot.  She also currently holds our #1 spot in our 100 hottest girls list  Oh, did I mention that BabesRater has topless pictures of Rachel Cook?
    Rachel Cook
    This picture held our number one spot of just under a week and you can see why. Yeah this is was almost a picture for BabesRater but shes covered (kinda), so it qualifies!
    Rachel Cook
    Another borderline BabesRater picture that held number 1 for 4 days

    Rachel Cook
    Rachel Cook just looking amazing held our number 1 spot for 3.5 days
  3. Nicci Pisarri –  Nicci captivated our #1 spot for 17 days in 2018.  It wasn’t with any one specific picture.  She had a dozen different pictures that held #1.  Here are the 2 that held it the longest.
    Nicci Pisarri
    Nicci Pisarri has a ton of amazing pictures but it was this one that held our #1 spot for 5 days in 2018

    Nicci Pisarri
    Another Nicci Pisarri picture that held #1 for 3.6 days in 2018
  4. Juli Annee – Juli Annee is an insanely hot Instagram model that we don’t really have a lot of information about.  She held our number 1 spot for longer than anyone in 2016 and in 2017 she came in 3rd.  This year Nicci Pisarri just edged her but she still held a strong 15 days in our #1 spot with 11 different pictures.
    Juli Annee
    Here’s the picture that held our #1 spot for over 5 days

    Juli Annee
    Here’s another picture that hit our #1 hottest babe spot and contributed to Juli Anne securing the 4th spot
  5. Sara Jean Underwood – ah yes, the ever-popular Sara Jean Underwood.  She held our #1 spot for a total of 14.09 days with 7 different pictures.  Oh yeah, there are also plenty of nude pictures of Sara Jean Underwood on Babesrater:  Sara Jean Underwood nude pictures
    Sara Jean Underwood
    Sara Jean Underwood stayed in our #1 position for 3.5 days with this super hot picture.

    Sara Jean Underwood
    I can’t help but to think Sara Jean Underwood’s willingness to pose nude helps with her popularity… this picture held our top position for 3.25 days
  6. Shelby Chesnes – Shelby missed 5th place by just a few hours.  She was #1 for 14.05 day (Sara beat her with 14.09).  So unless she can pick up a few hours in the remaining couple days, Shelby will remain our 6th hottest for 2018.  She has done her fair share of nude photoshoots too:  Shelby Chesnes Nude
    Shelby Chesnes
    This picture was #1 for over 4 days

    Shelby Chesnes
    This picture was also #1 for over 4 days
  7. Shawn Michelle Dillon – Shawn Michelle Dillon held our number 1 spot for 11.8 days.  She has also posed topless, which you can see on BabesRater:  Shawn Michelle Dillon nude

    Shawn Michelle Dillon
    Of her 11.8 days in our number 1 spot, 8.6 of them were with this one picture. Only Jessica Alba had a longer run this year.
  8. Carla Ossa – Carla has been a long time favorite of HotnessRater fans.  This year she locked in 10 days in our number 1 spot.  And yeah we have her nude on BabesRater: Carla Ossa nude pictures

    Carla Ossa
    Carla proves that you don’t have to be naked or in a bikini to win our voters hearts. She held our number 1 spot with this picture for 2 and half days.
  9. Rosie Jones – Popular Page 3 girl, Rosie Jones took our number 9 spot by holding our #1 hottest picture spot for 10 days.  As a Page 3 girl, there are plenty of topless pictures of Rosie Jones.  Check them out here: Rosie Jones NudeRosie Jones
  10. Simone Villas Boas – Simone held our number 1 spot for 9 days in 2018

    Simone Villas Boas
    Simone had 2 pictures hit #1. This particular one was number 1 for 8.5 days of her 8.9 day reign

Well that’s our top 10 Hottest Girls list for 2018

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