The Best Cam2Cam Sites Could Represent the Future of Sex

While both technology and sexuality continue to innovate and undulate, connectedness during uncertain times could be found through novel pornographic delivery systems.

When it comes to sexuality, the concept is almost as individual as identity itself. There being no one “normal” sexual circumstance, set of indwelling desires or orientation that perfectly fits all people. Simply put, sexuality is fluid. Which is a concept that we seem to be normalizing more and more everyday. More than just this idea of sexuality between two people, we should also begin to consider the positive impacts of normalizing fringe sexual behaviors, provided they occur between two consenting adults in a healthy and supportive environment.

When considering alternative formats for sexual release and gratification, some of the best Cam2Cam websites offer several different levels of interactions, allowing for a broader experience dependent upon customer and performer comfort. Cam2Cam has set itself apart from other erotica delivery methods as it offers both the client and the performer to connect in a more intimate and genuine way, something that neither mainstream pornography nor virtual reality (VR) porn can offer. However, it is the.           Increased sense of connectedness that could see both VR porn and Cam2Cam experiences becoming ever more popular in the future of sex.

Making Desires Reality

Often, when we think about cam sex, or cam girl sites, it’s rare that our imaginations take us farther than our own experiences or the stereotypes that we know. So we tend to think about the entire environment as a little bit seedy, maybe a touch desperate. The negative connotations and stigmas associated with cam sites themselves are often expressed by those who have never had need to experience these types of sexual situations. Which leads to a very narrow perspective on how these paradigms could reasonably be seen to improve sexual satisfaction and the mental wellbeing of specific populations.

Porn is often a hotly debated subject, specifically regarding it’s value (if it has any at all) and whether or not it’s deemed “healthy” for us to consume. There are myriad studies, opinions, and observations on either side of the line. Making it a very tricky question to answer. However, when looked at from perspectives and experiences outside of average circumstances, pornography becomes more than just a contentious moral subject, but something that could allow those outside of averages a sense of normalcy.

Thanks to VR technologies and innovations within other assistive devices like sex toys, even the physically disabled are now getting to grasp a sense of normalcy that they may have been denied otherwise. While we’d like to think that everyone on the planet has access to caring, healthy, interpersonal relationships, some feel alienated from this experience. Specifically those with spinal cord injuries that hamper or exclude ability to perform. In instances such as this, both assistive sex toys as well as the perceived candor of VR pornography, these individuals have access to a more interactive experience that they can feel a part of.

How Cam2Cam and VR Could Ease Transitions

Which may be more clearly represented in several studies which tested specific hormone levels in response to watching VR porn. In one such study, 50 men were asked to watch both standard pornography and VR porn. Levels of salivary oxytocin, alongside other indicators of sexual stimulation, were measured in response to both viewing systems. In the VR environment, almost all participants reported feeling more desired and more connected to the actors themselves. This subjective state was further emphasized by the levels of oxytocin that could be found in the participants salvia.

Oxytocin is a neurotransmitter that is believed to have a great effect on human bonding— facilitating intimacy and empathy. Because of these higher levels, it seems that the environment was not only more sexually satisfying for those involved, but it also fostered a sense of interconnectedness that seems to be missing from transitional porn viewing habits. Which could go as far to suggest that VR porn and cam2cam chats could be more useful to those populations that feel ostracized and left out when it comes to interpersonal relationships.

While the example used is that of a physical nature, these barriers also exist within social and mental paradigms. For example, many immigrants feel uncomfortable and withdrawn while first integrating into new cultures, specifically if their own (or the culture they are integrating into) have strict moral codes regarding dating and love. While learning to navigate these social systems, loneliness and depression can often be staved off thanks to the connectedness that can be felt through these alternatives in erotica. Moreover, in the case of gender transition, these types of somewhat removed— but still connected— sexual interplays could be found to be incredibly gender affirming. Allowing transitory individuals to better crystallize their identities.

Revolutionizing Sex

Beyond the circumstances that are removed from the average experience, these types of adult entertainment could also prove to provide safer avenues to satisfying sexual urges. Particularly during the present pandemic. As concerns regarding social distancing and self-isolation rise, particularly for those with few options for safe social outlets, the rise of popularity in webcam services has surged.

As not all important and necessary social experiences are platonic, it’s important to provide avenues for those experiences that are required to satisfy sexual needs. There is no shame in this, on the contrary, it’s an important biological drive to each and every one of us. Considering sexual needs fulfilment is always two-fold. One must consider the needs and safety of those looking to fulfil desire, as well as those looking to provide the experience. Cam work is often considered a much safer construct for sex work, as there is no avenue for disease transmission, and models are often private contractors, meaning that they are not coerced into taking the role.

This can help to improve the safety of working conditions for the models themselves, as well as their customers relative safety. Looking back to the oxytocin study, it’s also reasonable to assume that these types of delivery methods of erotica could also begin to encourage a healthier and kinder relationship between those paying for the service and those indulging in it, as the feeling of connectedness could serve to improve the empathetic response from clients to purveyor. Regardless of whether or not these types of sexually satisfying environments will replace actual sex, as it seems highly unlikely that they would entirely, what they do provide is a safe, comfortable, and useful environment for millions across the globe. Which is definitely something worth celebrating.

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