5 Questions to Ask Before Meeting an Escort

Hiring a Sydney escort could be a plan if you’re looking for a romantic, no-strings-attached relationship. Hiring an escort can be tricky, especially for newbies. However, plenty of online escort directories make it easy to get escort services.

The only issue with online escort directories is that some are full of scammers. However, some legit escort directories offer the best escort services. All of the escorts on legit escort directories use their original pictures on their profile, so the chances of getting cat-fished or scammed are low.

If you’re planning to hire an escort, here are five questions to ask before meeting them.

How Much Do You Charge?

Most escorts bill their service hourly, and the info is usually displayed on their profile. Most online escort directories have a filter feature that allows you to filter escorts based on their hiring rates.

However, if you are planning to hire an escort for a weekend getaway, we recommend negotiating the rates before making the appointment. This way, you will avoid any issues that may come later on regarding payments and tokens of appreciation.

What Services Do You Offer?

Some people may feel shy about expressing their fetishes. The essence of hiring an escort is to have a good time. Most escorts will list what activities and services they offer on their profile. However, you can always ask if they will be comfortable with certain activities if they are not listed on their profile.

A Sydney escort may ask for extra cash to perform or offer certain services. Asking an escort to perform some actions on the day you meet may sour things. Chances are they may refuse and turn down your appointment.


Not everyone is comfortable with inviting people to their house. You may suggest booking a hotel if the escort only offers out-call services. The good thing about renting a hotel room is that you will get a clean place with toiletries. It is great if you like keeping your sex life private.

Some escorts offer in-call services, which means you have to go to their place. Make sure you also agree on the meeting time to avoid any mix-ups.

Ask For a Recent Photo

This may seem out of place, but it is necessary, especially if you pick your escort up. Always make sure you explain why you need the photo and be polite when requesting one. It is hard to pick out a stranger in public spaces if you don’t know what they look like.

Besides that, requesting a recent snap will also help you from getting cat-fished or scammed. Make sure you discard the photo due to privacy concerns later on.

Wrapping Up

Hiring an escort is one of the safest ways to enjoy romantic sessions with someone without any strings attached. Most escorts also have great customer service skills, ensuring that you are satisfied before leaving.

Be polite when requesting escort services. The above questions will help you clear away any doubts if you are meeting an escort for the first time. Also, remember that the escort may also ask some questions for their safety.

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