Lili Simmons, A USA Superstar – 10 Pictures

Ah, Americans, the nation that has so many beautiful women that featuring them is nothing but an honor. Today we’re focusing on the American actress, Lili Simmons. She has appeared on multiple TV series in lingerie, provocative bras, and every hot piece of clothing imaginable. In fact, you can’t spend a day watching TV without accidentally stumbling upon scenes that might send you towards “interesting” thoughts.   

About Lili Simmons  

Born in San Diego, California, Lili is an American actress known for some of the best-rated TV series of all time, including Banshee and True Detective. She has been starring since 2010 with first appearance in the TV Miniseries called “Hollywood Is Like High School with Money”.  

Early Life  

For some reason, Lili says that she doesn’t know whether or not she was popular in high school, which is a weird thing to say. Afterwards, the American superstar got involved with more drama, which, thankfully, was before her acting started, and then did everyone a favor – appeared on TV.  

Did you know that Lili Simmons ranked 97# on the Maxim’s Hot 100 list in 2014? Maybe it was long time ago, but I think that many women age like fine wine. Certainly, that’s the case with Lili because she’s talented, cute, and knowns how to act. It’s like the best of all worlds, right?  

Her Body Measurements  

She has a perfect height of 5’ 7” and a body measurement of 34-25-35 inches. For me, it’s an ideal body to height ratio.  

Lili Simmons’ Hot Photos  

If you want more, there’s always her official channels, which will make your day a tad better. Now, let’s drop some of the best pictures we could find from social media (via Instagram), screencaps (via Alcelebs), some of which are from Banshee and True Detective, and IMDB