The Best Sex Clubs in Europe

Tired of your local swingers club? Looking for something a little more erotic and exotic? You and every other thrill seeker in the area, regardless of where you are in Europe.

Luckily for you, we’ve done our research – both online and in-person… and boy, let us tell you we haven’t had this much fun researching in a looong time. We enjoyed it so much in fact, that the idea of ever indulging in vanilla sex again has completely vanished.

Yep, that’s right – we only went and attended some of the best sex clubs in Europe, all for your pleasure, of course. Here are some of our top favourites listed below:

Partyclub Swingers Dream, Groningen

Location: Winschoterweg 30, 9609 PD Waterhuizen, Groningen, Netherlands

Are you a single gentleman or lady looking for some sensual company? Perhaps you’re a couple looking to spice up your sex life. Or, maybe you’re a gentleman hoping to make the most of your night with the gorgeous escort Groningen has graced you with.

Whoever you are… whatever your situation, it matters not at Swingers Dream. In this luxurious venue – an enticing blend of both an erotic cafe and a swingers club – all are welcome to indulge in their deepest and darkest desires with like-minded people.

Fancy a drink at the bar before shaking your hips on the uniquely coloured dancefloor? No problem. Rather get straight into the action and enjoy some private intimacy in one of the many well-equipped rooms. You got it. Looking to indulge in a little kink and try out the swing sling in the special SM room? Go for it. Whatever your idea of an enjoyable evening might be, Swingers Dream will always deliver.

Berghain, Berlin

Location: Am Wriezener bhf, 10243 Berlin, Germany

Now, this is one of the few that we (unfortunately) did not get to attend, but from what we’ve heard, Berghain might just be Berlin’s most extreme sex club. Intrigued? We thought you would be.

As well as its thumping techno and house music (which can go on for 48 hours straight on some occasions), this exclusive venue is well known for its strict door policy. If you do manage to get in, you’ll be one of the lucky few to indulge in some of the naughtiest carnal delights known to man.

We’re talking bondage dancers, leather-clad gimps, and various sex rooms where singles and couples can fulfil their deepest desires with one another. This venue is not the faint-hearted, so if you think you have what it takes to indulge (and get past the bouncers), Berghain offers the sexy experience of a lifetime.

Taken Club, Paris

Location: 8 rue Le Regrattier, Paris 4e

Taken? Paris? Wait, we’re not going to run into Liam Neeson, are we? Nope. Instead, you’ll be running into some of the friendliest, sexiest and most open-minded thrillseekers in Europe.

This venue is, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful sex clubs in France, offering guests all the facilities needed for a pleasantly naughty evening. Relaxing lounges for singles and couples to mingle? Check. A dancefloor for people to get up close and personal, before carrying on the fun in a private room? Check. A restaurant for those who wish to start their evening with a hearty meal? You got it.

With its refined and luxurious setting, it’s safe to say that this place is a particular favourite of ours. Sure, there are many sex clubs out there that are pretty exclusive, but none feel quite as homely and comfortable as this one does. Getting down and dirty has never felt this elegant…

Torture Garden, London

Location: Events are held at various locations, so be sure to check the event calendar.

Looking for something a little more… extreme? We’ve got just the place for you. Forget the mundane… forget everything you think you know about kink… and step through the doors of Torture Garden – the largest fetish and body art club in the world!

Attracting up to 2500 people every month, these London events are some of the wildest we’ve ever attended… and wow. There’s something for every kink lover here – vibrant dance floors, BDSM dungeons, couples rooms, and even a fancy ballroom! However, if you wish to indulge in such an experience, there’s a strict dress code you must abide by: you have to wear leather, lace or latex.

So, think you’ve got what it takes to take part in the world’s biggest and baddest fetish club? Good. To find out when and where the next event takes place, be sure to check the event calendar on Torture Garden’s official website!

And There We Have It!

If you haven’t already figured by now, we love a good sex club. So too, do you! Why else would you be reading this article?

So, whenever you’re in any of the areas mentioned above, be sure to check out one of our favourite sex clubs in Europe. Whether you’re attending as a single or with a partner, one thing’s for sure: a naughty, erotic and life-changing experience is within your reach.