Kylie Jenner and Her Sexy Outfits in Coachella 2016

We all know that the Coachella Festival is over, but here is a look back at Kylie Jenner’s sexy outfits. During Coachella, our Instagram feed was filled with the 18-year old model’s new wigs and sexy bikini shots.  Her latest Instagram shares will leave you wanting for more.

Kylie Jenner in a three-eyed swimsuit

A three eyed bikini is a little strange but whatever, she makes it look pretty good!

Kylie Jenner in Cropped white tee and shorts

Simplicity is sexy! Although this one’s a cropped photo, we’re imagining Kylie, fresh and sexy in this white cropped top and shorts.

Kylie Jenner in LV Swimsuit

In this sideview, Kylie looks sexy in this Louis Vuitton swimsuit set.  Even with that bandana on her head.

Kylie Jenner Mirror Shot

Now here’s a closer look of Kylie in her LV swimsuit. She sure looks fabulous in this piece.

Kylie Jenner DJ playing

Kylie Jenner in a simple black and white dress

Kylie Jenner High Waist Swimsuit

Still Sexy in that back view!  This is the back view of the three-eyed bikini.

Kylie Jenner and her printed photo

We’re seeing double! But the other one’s in pink hair. Yay!

We can’t wait for next year’s Coachella’s parade of sexy bikinis.

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