Will You Be Sofia Bevarly’s Furry Friend?

If you want to be in on this Sofia Bevarly’s radar, get a dog to be your wingman.

Sofia Bevarly

Ana Sofia Bevarly is not only beautiful on the outside, she’s got a heart for man’s best friend.

Sofia Bevarly

When she’s not holding a leash, you can find Sofia attending Florida International University or beside the pool modeling for Hooters South Florida as one of the franchise’s calendar girls.

Ana Sofia Bevarly
Ana Sofia Bevarly posing for Hooters Calendar


Sofia Bevarly
… and Twin Peaks apparantly

Conversation tip: don’t talk about the Yulin Dog Festival with her to avoid turning her off.

Sofia Bevarly

Her love isn’t just isolated to dogs – it also extends to cats as well and even perhaps the odd kind of animal who walks on two legs. Just don’t greet her with your tail and you’ll be fine. Follow Sofia’s trail in Facebook, and Twitter.

Sofia Bevarly

And as always, check her out in her infinite scroll: Sofia Bevarly Pictures

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