Emma Mae: Inked, Hot, And Everything Your Ex Is Not

Inked and extremely electrifying.  Guys and gals, meet my favorite (well, one of them) porn actress, Emma Mae.  I know, I know…  her tattoos make her hotter.  Believe it or not, I have paused and rewind her videos a gazillion of times just to see the delicate details of her inks.  Okay, don’t believe it.  I just want to point out how beautiful (and hot) her tattoos are.  It’s almost equal to her. Almost.

Can you focus on the tattoos?  Nah!  You probably can’t.

A Bit of a Background

This stunning foxy babe first began starring in hardcore porn in 2010 and at only 18 years of age.  Emma since then has appeared in X-rated features for Hustler, Kick Ass Pictures, Bang Productions, Digital Sin, Lethal Hardcore, X-Art, and New Sensations.  She has also posed for adult photographers such as Suze Randall and Holly Randall.

Her Early Life

Emma was born Ashley Barr on September 19, 1991, in Hawaii.

Facts and Trivia

In her videos, Emma is always blonde.  She now sports a brunette look as according to her, she’s “over (being) blonde.”

During her high school, Emma her was “goofy and a total tomboy” and before she was a smoldering lady, she was… okay let’s let her describe what she looked like then…

“I didn’t always look like this… I was super skinny in high school, and even now I’m not that into myself.”

Emma’s first tattoo, the one on the bottom half of her right leg was inspired by her mom’s Japanese heritage.

“I’ve always been an artist, so I view my tattoos as works of art.”

Emma is now in semi-retirement. She now only does webcam videos and is enjoying it.  According to her, if she gets into filming again, she prefers girl-on-girl scenes. Emma here, it seems, dates guys long-term but she also likes to hook up with women. Whew, hot!!!

Body Measurements

This blue-eyed, natural blonde rocks a 34-25-35 (Bra size: 34B) body.

Emma Mae

Emma Mae Photos

We got her hottest nudes here, people.
Oh yeah and don’t forget to check out our Emma Mae page here for more of her inked hotness.

Emma Mae

Emma Mae

Emma Mae

Emma Mae

Emma Mae

Emma Mae

Emma Mae

Emma Mae

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