Rose Bertram is Totally Hot in Her Bikini Photos

Belgian model Rose Bertram sure knows how to excite her Instagram followers by sharing snaps of her vacation. This, of course, includes several bikini photos.  In one of them, she’s wearing a white and pink bikini.  She’s looking so calmly sexy while holding herself up on her arms as she balances on the net.

Rose Bertram

In another photo, the 24-year old model is rocking a one-piece swimsuit while sitting on a hanging chair, showing off his enviable physique.

Rose Bertram

In the last photo, she lies down at the edge of the yacht, relaxing and now her incredible figure is out for a clearer view.

Rose Bertram

A year ago, she also shocked her 770k followers when she became the first model to be on the cover of Dutch Vogue while pregnant! She undeniably rocked her belly while still looking a total hottie!

A part of her captions says: “I always said that a Vogue cover would be a DREAM COME TRUE! This is one of the biggest moments in my life and a very proud moment to myself for all the hard work and struggles and especially all the NO’s in my career that I had to deal with. And not only am I on a Vogue cover, but I’m sharing this cover with the biggest blessing in my life and that is my baby girl!”

Of course, you’re looking forward to her photos in skimpy bikinis, so keep scrolling!

Rose Bertram

Rose Bertram started modeling when she was 13 years old.

Rose BertramShe was signed up by her mother who is part Portuguese, Angolan, and Senegalese.

Rose Bertram

When she was 16, she was cast by the Dominique agency.

Rose BertramSince then, she has appeared in many campaigns for H&M, Primark, L’Oreal and many others.

Rose Bertram

Rose now has a baby with Dutch football player Gregory van der Wiel.


BONUS TREAT! A video compilation of her bikini shots!

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