Things You Should and Should Not Tell Your Female Date

Sometimes, when women go on Tinder, they think that men are inspired by mumble rappers when it comes to compliments. We have two radical movements, like feminists who claim that equality is key and you should see the person as for who they are and not what they look like, and then, there are social media influencers who praise women’s boobs and asses.  So whom should we believe? Because according to the media, women are squeaking when called thick and luscious. But none of that applies to real life. So if you have zero experience in complimenting women, let’s just not listen to bad examples and straight away listen to what women think is a good compliment.

Everything depends on what you expect

Sometimes less is more. Sure, if she’s an extremely beautiful and sexy woman, you have every right on Earth to say it to her. But only in case, you don’t expect anything back. Giving compliments for sex is just cheap and lousy. I don’t think you would like someone to bribe you verbally in order to get something from you. So, if you just want to get closer, maybe to get a compliment back and boost your self-esteem a little bit, it would be better to let your intentions be as pure or as a river in the Himalayas.  Don’t get carried away with sexual compliments. You’d rather say, “I didn’t mean to be intrusive, neither have I wanted to hit on you, but you’re extremely beautiful.” And that’s it. The harder you try, the less you get. It only works in dating.

Talk to her

Sometimes, women think that men take them for granted as if their bodies were some kind of creations to only please men. It’s not a good feeling because every person likes to be looking into rather than onto. Everyone wants to be understood and admired. When you compliment her looks only, you burden yourself from every other aspect of hers. Besides that, you really start resembling a fuckboy. That’s why we recommend you to start a conversation from getting on well rather than pure lies and verbal bribery. A five-minute conversation is good enough to find common ground, describe your points of view, find out about interesting topics, and, of course, discuss some problems and current events. When you show interest in a girl as a person, not only in tool for taking off your sexual energy, she starts to see a personality in you.

Make her compliments but not about appearance

You could compliment her tits; it is acceptable when you’ve come to the second base. When you’re starting from scratch, it’s better to make an accent on her achievements and dignity:  things you start to notice from the beginning. It will show that you’re interested in her fully revealing herself as a personality. You may think that a “virtues talk” is way out of the sex league, and you’re really far away from the target, but the result will be quite the opposite – a girl is easier to open up to a person that sees her as a heartfelt interlocutor rather than a sexual object.

Avoid sexually charged compliments

If you want to talk about appearance, it’s your choice. Some nations see such compliments as a taboo. For example, a Russian wife won’t sit and listen to you, complimenting her derrieres. But try to avoid sexual context. If your compliments say about her virtues as a tool, helping a man to get sexual pleasure, you better not talk about it at all. Try to avoid intimacy at first.

Be sincere

With yourself and with your girl. Don’t try to make her like you, don’t try to apply some primitive pick up tricks – they only work with girls you don’t want to sleep with. So remember, if women talk about a primitive world of consumerism, try to show that you are the opposite example – a true gentleman who admires and cherishes a woman for not being a woman but for being a smart, beautiful, and very kind friend of yours.  

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