What percent of guys have success with hookup apps like Tinder?

Dating apps have become valuable to guys that are looking for a hookup opportunity. The ability to swipe right on a match has made it easier to get to know someone quicker. Guys that are looking for a hookup opportunity via Tinder have a lot of success with apps.

According to Pleasure-Seeker, Tinder is the number one app for the hookup crowd. Men and women that are looking for a chance to increase their options can explore their dating possibilities without leaving their homes.

Multiple Interactions

One thing that guys instantly realize when it comes to Tinder is that there are chances to have multiple interactions at the same time.

It doesn’t get much easier than swiping left or right and waiting for the women to respond.

It would be difficult to engage in multiple interactions if you are out in a club or bar.  Sending messages back and forth, however, allows men and women to engage in multiple interactions.

This helps people maximize their time.

Location, Location, Location

The beauty of the hookup app is location. Since everything comes down to geographical location, driving from one city to another can significantly enhance your opportunities. There is a 50% or higher chance of getting multiple responses when you are on Tinder.

It is the number one dating app for singles. This means that the selection is going to be far higher than what one would be able to find on other hookup apps.

Tinder Lovers

So many people love tinder because they know that a lot of singles are posting pictures.  It becomes easier to form a common bond with someone that has a profession similar to yours.

So Many Options

The options are abundant for men because women outweigh men. There are far more hookup opportunities for men because there are typically more women building profiles through dating apps. Men have opportunities to drive and change the geographical location to get better results.

Profiles That Save You Time

The profiles allow men and women to speak about themselves and what they’re looking for.  That is the great thing about hookup apps.  Men can figure out what women are interested in without even having a conversation.

People on these apps have the freedom to express themselves like this. They can be straightforward and get right to the point. They cut to the chase without wasting someone’s time.

A Picture That Is Worth A Thousand Words

All of the pictures that are online can save men a lot of time. They get a chance to see different photos that women are posting. These pictures were often showing a side of the woman that can be linked to commonalities.

What pictures essentially do is give me in a preview a woman’s personality. Some women are posting conservative pictures. Others are posting pictures that are a lot more revealing.

These pictures tend to be unspoken signals that men can decipher. Some of these women may not directly state what they want with words. They prefer to let the pictures do the talking.

No Money Required

What most men enjoy about these hookup apps is that apps like Tinder do not require money. This is an enormous benefit for men that have been accustomed to spending large sums on drinks in bars to merely strike up a conversation with a woman. The ability to access multiple
women without spending money can be very advantageous, especially because many camming platforms require men to spend a lot to interact with women.


Tinder builds confidence, and that is a good thing. It is fairly easy to see how people can embrace an app that allows users to swipe right or left the show their attraction.

What these hookup apps can do is take a lot of the guessing out of the equation. Men can reduce the time that they are wasting on conversations that are going nowhere.

This is what typically happens when men are trying to hold conversations in club environments. They could be wasting time trying to pursue a woman that is not attracted to them. With the app, a man – at the very least – knows that the woman is attracted because they swiped right as well.

Conversing In A Safe Space

Women favour apps like Tinder because it allows them to hold a conversation in a safe space.  There is no obligation to give out a phone number. They have the ability to cease conversations with anyone that they are not compatible with.

Men have the same safe space. They don’t have to worry about giving their numbers out to women that they may not be compatible with. They get the opportunity to converse before they take the next step in meeting or exchanging numbers.

Time and Efficiency

What people will begin to notice about hookup apps is that it saves time, and it increases efficiency. Leaving home to go out, and socialize does not always yield good results. Going to one club or one party may not yield one perspective date.

Setting up a profile on Tinder, by contrast, can yield abundant opportunities for hookups. It doesn’t require the man to get dressed up and spend money that they don’t have. This is an app that allows people to swipe right and start mingling with matches instantly.

New To A City

People move all the time for various reasons. Moving from one location to another can be overwhelming. Connecting to a dating app when you move to a new city helps you adjust.  You can get access to women in your new city quickly. You don’t need a wingman in your
new city. The dating app is enough.

Worth the Time

People like to explore what Tinder has to offer because it has received great reviews. With a
success rate of about 50%, it’s worth the time that it takes to set up a profile. It is free, and the
ability to search for matches based on your location makes it an app that opens the doors to
hookup options anywhere that you go.

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